Designer Ale Walsh

Born and raised in Chile, Ale started her career in fashion design when she moved to the Philippines in 2006. The rich variety of native materials and the high quality of local craftsmanship inspired Ale to create a line of fashion accessories that celebrates colour, beauty and creativity. In choosing traditional craftsmanship techniques and creative use of natural materials, Ale looks to make a difference in a fashion industry where most items are produced in a non-traditional way.


Born in Talca, Chile, Ale moved to Ireland in 2000. She later studied at Dublin City University where she graduated with an honours degree in Business Studies. A year after graduation Ale moved to Manila in the Philippines where she started a successful career in fashion design. In November 2009 Ale launched her brand in one of the biggest and most prestigious retailers in the Philippines, becoming the first ever foreign-owned brand in a 'Filipino Brand' retail outlet. 

In 2011, Ale moved back to Ireland where she is currently based in county Dublin, but she continues to travel the world in search of unique and rich natural materials to bring her designs to life.