Rosita Earrings
Rosita Earrings

Rosita Earrings

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Beautifully HANDMADE in IRELAND with faceted glass crystals, gold plated MIYUKI seed beads and SWAROVSKI elements, our Rosita earrings are hand beaded on silk velvet fabric and set on a stainless steel earring frame to achieve a beautiful timeless antique effect. 


Color: Antique gold and rose pink 

Material: Faceted glass crystals, gold plated MIYUKI seed beads, SWAROVSKI components and stainless steel earring frame

Dimensions: 3cms (L)/ 2cms (W)  


Weight: 2grs each earring 


  • Metal accents can be cleaned by using a soft cloth to simply dust the accents.
  • Avoid prolonged direct sunlight as natural materials are sensitive to extreme sun which can cause fading or cracking. Normal outdoor wear and use is fine. Prolonged is defined by a “constant direct stream” like a sunbeam or left in a window or unshaded area. For example, if you are lunching with the ladies and you feel a sunbeam on your face, so does your Bag! Just move it out of the direct spotlight until you are back on the go.
  • Consider the weight and amount of contents.
  • Snake skin should be wiped to clean any surface dirt using a damp cloth in direction of the scales. Brush off any embedded dirt with a soft bristled brush being careful not to lift the scales. Condition your snake skin with an exotic leather conditioner that is specifically safe for snake skin. It is best to use a Lanolin-based exotic leather conditioner. Apply a thin coat with a soft lint free cloth, in grain of scales. Protect your bag with an application of silicone water repellent.  This helps to maintain their original look and prevents drying out.
  • Storage your bag inside its dust bag.
  • Do not leave your bag on the floor or on a wet surface.
  • Avoid dropping it as some delicate components (especially mother of pearl bags and the closure) could break.
  • Avoid exposing the bag to water or dampness as this could potentially damage the colour and the materials of the bag.
  • Do not use your bag if wet to avoid color run into your clothes.